Dark Souls 2: Electric Boogaloo HD R-R-Remix+++

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, so why not about a topic that everyone has already written a million things about!

Dark Souls 2 has been out for a couple of weeks. I clocked about 80 hours in my first playthrough, though a fair amount of that was also doing PvP in some of the new covenants. On most days, I’d say Dark 2 is a worthy entry into the series and a good game overall, but on other days I’ll never even want to look at it. Despite their separate set of issues, I’d say I enjoyed both Dark 1 and Demon’s more than Dark 2.

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies Thoughts

Note: While I’m trying to keep spoilers to a minimum, there are a couple of big ones in here. Don’t read unless you’ve finished the game.

Dual Destinies, in a number of ways, is the game I’ve been waiting a long time for. Released in 2010 (for us non-Japanese speaking people), Ace Attorney Investigations was the last Ace Attorney game to be released in the west until now. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t care for it much. The majority of the cases lacked any sort of hook, the characters were largely dull, it brought back some of the worst recurring characters of the franchise and the final cast dragged on and on and ON. When AAI2 was announced I had hopes that it would improve on these, and it apparently actually did, but due to shitty circumstances (read: Capcom being shit), it was never released outside of Japan. Before that we had Apollo Justice, a game that I enjoyed but have a million and one bones to pick with, the largest being Apollo being sidelined in his own damn game. Dual Destinies is Capcom’s attempt to give Apollo his time to shine while also introducing Athena Cykes into the Ace Attorney universe while ALSO ushering in Phoenix’s return to law.

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Thoughts – Pokemon X/Y

This has nothing to do with this post but it’s AMAZING.

Before the release of X/Y, I had somewhat mixed feelings about Pokemon in 2013. I really enjoyed Black/White, but never bothered getting more than halfway through Black/White 2. Hearing about the weird new things in X/Y like mega-evolutions really threw me for a loop, but I figured I might as well wait and see it for myself before really dismissing it as being totally retarded.

First of all, I’d like to say that the rivals this time around sucked the big one. I really did not care for the merry little band of dweebs you’re literally forced into being friends with at the beginning of the game. Why did the fat kid and the Pokedex kid even exist? The former DOESN’T EVEN HAVE ANY DANCING POKEMON despite that being his schtick. The Pokedex kid had to have been the most incompetent trainer ever, considering I was just casually through most areas and always one-upped him (I have a feeling he says you beat him no matter how many are in your Dex, which is even worse). Shauna was okay-ish for being the super friendly friendliest friend (and it was totally cool how I got a modest Fennekin from her) but she still wasn’t particularly interesting. Serena (Or Calem if you’re into that sort of thing) was okay, but it felt like they were wishy-washy about making her another annoying friendly rival and someone who actually wanted to crush your ass into the ground. In general, the rivals just haven’t caught any sort of interest since GSC. The closest I guess is DPP dude who I forget the name of, but that was mainly because he wasn’t that bad of an actual trainer.

EXP Share was both a blessing and a curse. At first, I thought it was awesome how I could level up my entire party even while only using one dude, but it became apparent early on that this maybe what you weren’t supposed to do. I felt constantly overlevelled, to the point where I started switching my entire party around whenever I felt like I wasn’t supposed to be this strong across the board. This actually lead to some silly moments where I actually blacked out, something that hasn’t happened to me in a Pokemon game in a long while.

The online integration is pretty cool. Sure, you usually get nothing but garbage from Wondertrade, and sure, GTS is still filled with idiots who want to trade a Heracross they found in the wild for a legendary, but it’s neat regardless. However, I still fucking hate Gamefreak for not implementing a 6v6 random battle option, still opting for 3v3. NOBODY WANTS THAT SHIT.

Something that really bugged me (that I’m sure was present in the previous games, but never to this extent) was how often I’d get blocked off from exploring an area I wasn’t supposed to yet. It felt like every time I wanted to not do what I was supposed to do and just quickly hop into another area so I could grab some new dudes and get out, there was someone telling me there’s so-and-so going on and they couldn’t let me though. It drove me crazy the number of times it happened by the end of the game.

The mega-evolutions are, for the most part, a mixed bag. Some are really cool like Absol, Gengar, Aggron and Mawile, while some are just plain bad or useless. In general though, that’s how I felt about X/Y’s new Pokemon. The majority of my party is dudes from older games, the only new ones I used by the Elite 4 being Clawitzer and Goodra. There were some other cool ones (Malamar, Pangoro, Aegislash and Sylveon) that I wanted to use but never got around to.

Overall, it might have felt a little underwhelming, but I can safely say I had more a good experience than bad with X/Y. Not better than Black/White, though.

Pokemon and Midterms

Two things.

1. Fuck midterms.

2. Pokemon X is fun but distracting me from studying for midterms. I’ve reached the 6th or 7th gym playing on break times, hopefully I’ll have finished the main game and written something for that by the end of next week. Also hope I’ll get the chance to play Atelier Ayasha, which I’ve been putting off for AGES.

Fire Emblem 7 Impressions

Or Fire Emblem GBA, for some reason I like referring to FE by numbers. So short story short, I played FE7 years upon years ago but stopped three quarters in for reasons I can’t remember for the life of me. Yesterday I suddenly had the urge to play Fire Emblem again and remembered that I, in fact, had somehow not finished this one so here we are. I don’t remember a damn thing so it’s basically like going in fresh! I’m just a little past the beginning of Eliwood’s arc. Oh, and there’s probably going to be a spoiler somewhere in here, but who hasn’t played FE7 by now? You’d have to be some sort of caveman to not have finished it.

So far, the game’s been pretty easy. I don’t remember if this one was notable for its difficulty (or maybe I’m thinking of the Wii or Gamecube one, don’t remember) but Lyn’s arc was pretty much “plow through everything on the field with Kent and Sain”. I felt as if I could probably just use those two along with maybe Serra and Lucius and been completely fine.  By the end of the arc, they were level 8-9 while Lyn, the third highest, was 6 or something. Also, I don’t know if they get harder later on, but I was sorely disappointed by the side-quest with Nil’s sister and the ring when the game went on about how side-quests are SUPER DUPER DIFFICULT ARE YOU SURE YOU WANNA DO THIS DOG MIGHT WANNA SAVE IN ANOTHER SLOT when it was about the same difficulty as the main game (that is, not very difficult).

The characters are mostly charming, with Kent and Sain being by far my favourites. Can’t say I care much for Floria though, she hits like a pillow and takes hits about as well as one (I particularly liked when I used her against a sword dude and he did the same amount of damage to her as she did to him). I’ve also never particularly cared for androphobic characters in anything ever, though she isn’t punching dudes at the sight of them so that’s a plus in her favour I suppose.

Lyn’s story was mostly enjoyable, if not a bit simple. I did however think it was kinda BS how her grandfather actually lived even after being poisoned for “months”. Felt like a really shoehorned in happy ending when the alternative would have worked just fine for a bittersweet ending to her arc, but oh well.

So far, that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some more in tomorrow, though I’m also picking up Etrian Odyssey Untold tomorrow (which I also might write something about) so that might start biting into my FE time.